Visual artist Fergal McCarthy


Visual artist Fergal McCarthy, 'No Man's Land'. Image: Andreas Pettersson

Visual artist Fergal McCarthy is one of the three recipients of this year’s Docklands Arts Fund Small Grants (2018).

Fergal is visual artist living in Dublin, who originally worked as a painter but in recent years has widened his practice to include installations, photography and film.

He will spend several months researching source material relating to the Dublin Docklands area to create a book, delivering an engaging and humorous account of the story of the Docklands. This book will be distributed without cost to local primary schools in the Docklands area, with Fergal hosting presentations of the project to school pupils.  For information on Fergal’s other work, please see his website here.

Read Fergal’s statement about the Docklands Arts Fund:

“The Docklands Arts Fund is an incredible opportunity for artists to engage with the Docklands and I am delighted to have received a grant this year to make a book exploring the history of this fascinating area. My work as an artist has been focused on Dublin’s waterways for many years and having the ongoing support of companies such as Business to Arts is an essential element of the process.  I’m very grateful for this chance to explore my interest in the river and the port further.”

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