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Sky Arts Ignition Series Briefing Session for Arts Organisations

November 14th, 2011
Sky Arts Ignition Series - a new iniatative supporting the arts

Sky Arts Ignition Series – a new iniatative supporting the arts

Business to Arts is working with Sky Arts and Arts & Business in the UK to bring you further information on the application process for their Ignition Series 2012.

Sky Arts Ignition Series is a new initiative from Sky aiming to bring more arts to more people by investing in the creation of the best of new and innovative arts. Sky Arts will partner with six leading arts organisations over the next three years, directly investing up to £200k into the creation of each of these new groundbreaking art works, projects, events and performances, using Sky’s reach and innovation to take them to more people – on the ground and on screen.

An information session on Wednesday 14 December in Dublin with the decision-making teams at Sky will cover application guidelines and timings, as well as help you explore what they’re looking for, and how arts organisations can work together.

If you are interested in reserving a place at this event please email Venue and timings to be confirmed.

Read more about the Sky Arts Ignition Series here

Arthur Guinness Fund Application Briefing Session for Arts & Cultural Projects

November 1st, 2011

Arthur Guinness Fund is Open for Applications

Venue: The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage
Date: Wednesday 9 November 2011

The Arthur Guinness Fund has re-opened for applications, and they are seeking applications specifically from the arts & culture sector. The closing date is 30 November, so time is short, making this briefing session by the Arthur Guinness Fund staff very useful!

There are a number of grants available of between €50,000 to €100,000 for start-up and established projects which have a social impact and are innovative and sustainable. was a grant recipient this year, and we have benefited greatly from the mentoring and business support we have received, far beyond the financial investment in the project. We have been working with Diageo to ensure the process is more relevant to arts and cultural organisations, to ensure you feel you have an equal opportunity to apply. Although you might not see yourself in these terms, social entrepreneurs are people with business heads and social hearts – just like you!

Some useful application criteria to be aware of :
• Project applicant (and leader) must be resident in Ireland (North or South) and must be over 18
• Projects should address a social / environmental / community issue in an innovative way
• The project’s primary focus must benefit people over 18 years of age
• The project’s primary focus must benefit communities in Ireland
• You should have a clear plan for growing the initiative
• There should be a clear way of measuring impact

This year’s categories are Culture & Arts; Community Wellbeing; Technology & Social Media for Social Good; Skills for Life; Enriching the Environment; Social and Community Regeneration. There is another open category for projects that do not fit within any of the specific categories, but still work towards social change.

There is more information on how to apply to the fund here.

Click here to register places to attend.

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