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Business to Arts – Head of Communications & Partnerships

November 19th, 2020


We are seeking a Head of Communications & Partnerships at Business to Arts.  Reporting to the Chief Executive, the successful candidate will guide and deliver all aspects of communications, events and sponsorship relationships at Business to Arts.

The successful candidate will be responsible for maximising sponsorship and grant income against challenging revenue targets. They will develop a strategy to increase opportunities for Corporate, Media and Government engagement with Business to Arts through a variety of mission-related activities.  The successful candidate will be an excellent communicator, with the ability to inspire others to commit to and support our mission, and position Business to Arts as thought leaders. They will drive Sponsorship and Public Sector revenue growth, stewarding and maintaining strategic relationships, and build the ‘family’ of supporters of Business to Arts.

Download the Job Description and Core Competencies here.

To apply for this role: 

Candidates should submit their application in confidence to on or before 5.00pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2020. The application should consist of:

1. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of two pages)

2. Cover Letter, which outlines how they meet the above requirements and their interest in the work of Business to Arts (maximum of one page)

Location / work from home:

This role is based at our premises at 17 Kildare Street, Dublin 2 with work from home implemented during relevant COVID-19 Government Restrictions. Socially-distanced presence at media-related activities/events may be required in the Dublin area during this period.

Business to Arts welcomes LIFE WORTH LIVING: The Report of the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce

November 17th, 2020

Pictured: Kilkenny Arts Festival. Irish Chamber Orchestra. Eight Seasons. (Photo: John D Kelly)s / Nick O’Connell & Breandán de Gallaí, Linger, a Dance Ireland Commission


Business to Arts welcomes the publication of “LIFE WORTH LIVING”, the Report of the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce launched by Catherine Martin T.D., Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht on November 17th, 2020.

The report recommendations include:

  • income, taxation and financial provision measures;
  • education and training supports;
  • technology supports;
  • mental health supports;
  • social protection measures;
  • copyright measures.

The Taskforce has completed its work and its Chairperson, Ms Clare Duignan, submitted this report to the Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht including a set of recommendations on how best the arts and culture sector can adapt and recover from the unprecedented damage arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector includes culture, the arts, the audio visual industry and the live entertainment industry.

The report sets out a number of recommendations for the sector’s survival until it fully opens up again. This includes how it can retain the artists and the wider creative, technical, production and support workforce, with their skills and talent, so that there are still arts, culture and entertainment events for Irish audiences and foreign visitors to enjoy in the years to come. These recommendations build on the supports already provided to the impacted sectors in Budget 2021 and in the July Stimulus.

The report includes recommendations on policy and planning, income, taxation and financial provision, education and training, technology supports; mental health, social protection, community development, social inclusion as well as around copyright.

The report, in identifying the value of the arts and culture sector in society, offers ways to ensure performers and creators are recognised and supported through new measures.

Within this, the report identifies a number of issues and solutions under the themes of:

  • Ensuring Recovery;
  • Building Resilience; &
  • Facing Forward.

Commenting on the report, the Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, T.D., stated:

“I very much welcome the report “LIFE WORTH LIVING” submitted by the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce and thank each and every member of the Taskforce for their time, expertise and commitment in this hugely difficult time. I met with the Taskforce at the start of its work and was struck both by the members’ dedication and also the seriousness of the situation facing the Arts and Culture sector.”

“The Taskforce has produced a set of recommendations on how best the arts and culture sector can adapt and recover from the unprecedented damage arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector includes the arts, culture, the audio visual industry, live entertainment and the events industry.” 

“As I have stressed on numerous occasions, the Arts and Culture sector was the first to shut and will in many cases be the last to re-open. This report will be hugely beneficial to me and to my colleagues in Government as we examine ways to help the Arts and Culture sector emerge from the very difficult position in which it finds itself. I note in particular the Taskforce’s assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both existing livelihoods within the sector but also people’s future prospects, not just financially but in areas such as wellbeing and maintaining existing skill sets. I am under no illusions about the scale of the challenge and the many competing priorities facing Government. Nonetheless, I am delighted that as a Government we have been able so far to respond to date on many of the issues highlighted within this report. We can always strive to do better and that is what I aim to do.”

Clare Duignan, Chairperson of the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce, added:

“I am delighted that the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce has completed our work and submitted the report “LIFE WORTH LIVING” to the Minister. I must give a huge thanks and praise to my colleagues on the Taskforce.  They have committed so much time and energy in helping to craft and shape the report that is now available for all to read. I would also like to thank all those who made submissions during the consultation stage ensuring that this report is a fact driven, balanced document.

 “As I say in the report; almost all activity has stopped in the Arts and Culture sector. The survival, recovery and sustainability of this sector is dependent on economic policy and decision-making in the short and long-term. I strongly believe that this report gives the Government the information required to help the sector by ensuring its recovery, building on its resilience and strengthening it for the future.”

You can read “LIFE WORTH LIVING”, the Report here.

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