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Associate Panel Open Call

April 14th, 2023

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Calling all freelance curatorial assistants, graphic designers, researchers, fundraising consultants, and more.

Business to Arts is looking to create an Associate Panel of qualified candidates to support project work at the intersection of business and culture. 

We’re looking for talent from a broad range of areas to help us with producing research and data analysis, workshop design and facilitation, ad hoc design projects, support on curatorial projects, art handling and more. 

When you apply, we’ll be looking for your credentials and rates and, once selected, Panel members will be approached over the course of the next year when appropriate projects arise. Associate Panel members will be listed on our website.

Each year, a new Panel will be convened with up to date information, and this Panel will be live until Summer 2024. The deadline to apply is Thursday, May 18th.

Think you might be a good fit? Or know someone who might be?

Read on below, and then apply using this form.


Business to Arts is inviting applications for an Associate Panel of varied expertise across creative, business, and fundraising areas to augment our in-house competence and support client project work as it arises. Embarking on a growth phase coinciding with the public launch of our new five-year strategy and website in early summer 2023, Business to Arts is looking for brilliant freelancers interested in working at the intersection of the corporate and culture sectors. 

Our people embody the values of Business to Arts – creativity, professionalism, innovation, and adherence to best practices. Our primary goal with this Associate Panel is to enhance how we deliver upon our mission, the strength of our offering, the richness of our activity, and the depth of our impact. 

This process is to identify and vet qualified individuals for a panel of trusted and preferred service providers of relevant expertise (Associates) to be engaged as and when the need arises.

The relevant panel members will be contacted, availability checked, and given first refusal when appropriate project work arises, however, please note that a position on the panel provides no guarantee of set hours/days of work as it is run on a project-by-project basis.

Successful candidates will be listed on the new BtoA website (currently in development)  for full transparency. A place on this panel will suit freelancers.

About Business to Arts

Business to Arts (BtoA)  is a 35-year-old membership-based resource organisation. Our mission is to catalyse strategic creative partnerships between the corporate and cultural sectors and to build new capacity within the arts sector to sustain itself and deliver excellence in the arts. We have 60+ long-term corporate members across professional and financial services, construction, universities, tech and energy companies, government and semi-state agencies, and 150+ arts affiliates ranging from National Cultural Institutions to small arts organisations and individual artists. 


Our activity includes developing a sense of community between arts and business through our networking events and building the capacity of our arts affiliates to generate income, sustain their core activity and go for growth.  We provide a range of strategic advisory, curatorial, and project management services to our businesses who would like to support the arts through arts-based diversity and inclusion programmes, community or employee engagement, or through commissions and the development of art collections. 


Our in-house expertise includes specialist curatorial and arts programming and events management. Our art form experience ranges from visual art to performing arts and festivals, and our business experience from strategic planning and development to marketing and operations.



Service Providers Sought for Associate Panel

  1. Curatorial Assistants
  2. Art Handlers
  3. Cultural & Creative Producers
  4. Business Intelligence/Data Analysts
  5. Fundraising Consultants
  6. Researcher-Writers
  7. Graphic Designers
  8. Copywriters
  9. Workshop Facilitators with design thinking


Associate Panel Expertise Requirements

a. Curatorial Assistants

Seeking experienced freelance curatorial assistants to support our work for clients in art collection management, curating new collections, identifying gaps in collections and opportunities for refinement through sale and and acquisition of works, commissioning, exhibition planning, artwork cataloguing, and documentation, drafting briefs and proposals, artist and client liaison. Must be able to demonstrate a fluency in the contemporary art market in Ireland, and an understanding of the secondary art market and liaising with auction houses (national and international). We are particularly interested in those who have experience in socially engaged practice. Must have strong administrative skills, database management, and budget management experience. 

b. Art Handlers

Seeking experienced freelance art handlers to assist in all aspects of preparation, packing, moving, transporting, installation/de-installation, and safe storage of artworks for clients. The ideal candidate understands that the safety and security of artworks and fellow team members during art handling is paramount. Experience in installing large-scale exterior artwork is an advantage along with a clean driving record. 

c. Cultural & Creative Producers

Seeking experienced freelance cultural and creative producers with a track record in the development and delivery of cultural events and arts programming. Will be required to lead or assist in project management, project scoping and cost modelling, scheduling and managing third-party suppliers and technical support, and liaising with multiple stakeholders. We are particularly interested in those who have experience in socially engaged practice or community projects.

d. Business Intelligence/Data Analysts

Seeking experienced freelance business intelligence/data analysts to help us mine our data, extract key insights and tell our story in a compelling way to inform business decisions and the development of our research and sector reports. 

e. Fundraising Consultants

Seeking experienced freelance fundraisers to support our strategic advisory services for members and arts affiliates. Must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in private-sector fundraising strategy development and implementation.

f. Researchers

Seeking experienced freelance researchers to assist in drafting content for Business to Arts reports and thought leadership. Must be tech-savvy, resourceful, and thorough with an aptitude for researching arts and industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies) and for producing synthesised outputs. We are particularly interested in those with knowledge of ESG matters. 

g. Graphic Designers 

Seeking experienced freelance graphic designers to assist with designing ad-hoc printed materials and online campaign content. Designers must have experience delivering brand-related projects, working with already defined brand assets, to deliver high-quality design work in a range of formats. 

We would appreciate those who can bring Service Design experience to the project. 


h. Copywriters

Seeking experienced copywriters to aid us with preparing reports, thought-leadership content, project-specific publications, marketing content, and more. Panel members will have experience writing about business, arts, and culture having worked with leading brands and organisations.

i. Workshop Designers & Facilitators

Seeking experienced freelance workshop designers and facilitators to support our training and development programmes and client projects. Ideally trained in design thinking and skilled at the delivery of innovation workshops, we are also interested in those who have worked on community projects and have facilitated a broad range of stakeholders and participants. 


Technical Requirements across all Service Providers

Business to Arts uses the following communication, business intelligence and project management tools including but not limited to: CRM system ( currently Salesforce), Asana, Google Drive, Slack, and it is expected that our Associates will be able to quickly adapt to interacting with our tools where required. 



Make sure to highlight any specific USP you have in terms of your expertise or experience that will help you stand out and provide additional value to project work. For example; sustainability, diversity and inclusion, community, placemaking, social sciences background, design thinking training, facilitation skills etc

Where your skill sets cross over more than one of the categories of service outlined above, and you would like to be considered for more than one category, you should apply separately,  and there will be a specific place to note this in the application forms. 

Application Instructions

Your application should include the following information which will be assessed as part of selection criteria:

  • Your biog
  • 3 x relevant client work and/or case studies
  • Client testimonials and referee names
  • Daily rate, clearly stating your VAT position (please see specific note on Pricing below)
  • This open call and the deadline for submissions constitute Round 1 of convening our Associate Panel
  • Your application should be submitted via this form. Applications will not be accepted via any other method. Should you require any access support with the form, please contact us on 01 662 9238.
  • Deadline is Thursday 18th May 2023, 5pm. 
  • Applicants may be required to interview subsequently and must provide an up-to-date tax clearance certificate. 
  • You will not be entitled to claim from BtoA any costs, expenses, or liabilities that you may incur in submitting an application or interviewing irrespective of whether or not your application is successful. 


All prospective service providers must comply with the following pricing requirements:

  • All prices quoted must be all-inclusive (including but not limited to ancillary services and all other costs/expenses, be expressed in Euro, and must be inclusive of VAT.)
  • Prospective service providers must confirm that all prices quoted in the proposal will remain valid for a twelve-month period commencing from the response deadline.
  • Any currency variations occurring over the term of the panel appointment shall be borne by the associate service provider. 

Please note

  • All information supplied by you by BtoA, either in writing or orally, will be treated in confidence and not disclosed to any third party unless the information is already in the public domain or is required to be disclosed under any applicable laws.
  • Nothing in this procurement process will bind BtoA to enter into any contractual or other arrangement with you or any other potential service provider. It is intended that the remainder of this procurement process will take place in accordance with the provisions of this open call, but BtoA reserves the right to terminate, amend or vary (to include, without limitation, in relation to any timescales or deadlines) this procurement process, but will provide notice of same by email to invited service providers. 
  • BtoA will have no liability for any losses, costs, or expenses you incur as a result of such actions. 
  • Email with any queries in relation to this open call before the submission deadline with the subject line; Associate Panel Query

Thank you for taking the time to consider this open call and we look forward to hearing from you!

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