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Governance and Policies

Our director’s reports, financial statements, and key policies can be found below. We are compliant with the Charities Governance Code and continually seek to improve our governance standards and policies, learning from new best practise, year on year.

We adhere to the six principles of the Charities Governance Code:

  • Advancing charitable purpose
  • Behaving with integrity
  • Leading people
  • Exercising control
  • Working effectively
  • Being accountable and transparent

We believe in supporting artists to make work of ambition and quality and to be remunerated appropriately while doing so. It is Business to Arts' policy that all artists and creative professionals we engage are properly remunerated and contracted for their work on our behalf, on behalf of our corporate members, or via partnerships and sponsorships.

Research studies indicate that the working and living conditions of artists remain below acceptable standards, with some artists reporting incomes below the national minimum wage. We support the Arts Council policy on the fair and equitable remuneration and contracting of artists. Find out more below.

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