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Our people - Team & Board

Our in-house expertise includes cultural strategy, sponsorship and fundraising, specialist curatorial and arts programming, sales and marketing, business support, policy, training, events, and venue management.

Our art form experience ranges from visual art to performing arts, heritage, and festivals, and our business experience from strategic planning and development to marketing and operations.

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Our Team

Louise O’Reilly

Chief Executive

Talk to me about investing in the arts, developing impactful cultural strategies for corporates, and building sustainability in arts organisations.

Team Louise O Reilly

Valerie Ringrose Fitzsimons

Head of Business Development

Talk to me about meeting your business objectives through Business to Arts membership.


Rachel Assaf

Curatorial Projects Manager

Talk to me about investing in art collections, commissions, acquisitions, and more.

Team Rachel Assaf

Alex McCabe

Creative Communications Manager (Maternity Cover)

Alex helps us demonstrate the impact Business to Arts has and the value we bring, and to activate our flagship projects and partnerships.

Alex Mc Cabe

Siobhan Killen

Membership, Events & Projects Executive

Talk to me about the benefits of Business to Arts membership and developing our calendar of members' events for the year.

Siobhan Killen 2

Jan Li Tan

Operations Executive

Talk to me about our operational and financial administration or general queries.

JLT headshot

Our Board

Davina Saint

Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director, NAMA, Stripe

"When I look back at the projects and the initiatives that Business to Arts has been involved with, has initiated and supported and then celebrated and highlighted through the Awards process, I feel an immense pride in the impact generated by this organisation. I never tire of the breadth and imagination of the projects that we have been involved with over the years and look forward to all that is ahead."

Board Davina Saint

Fiona Clark

Festival Director & CEO, Cork International Film Festival

"Business to Arts plays a vital role in supporting the arts in Ireland by facilitating meaningful conversations and connections between the cultural and commercial sectors. The organisation occupies a unique position at the intersection of arts and business, advocating, educating, and celebrating the intrinsic value of creative partnerships. Having benefitted personally and professionally from their expertise and support, I am very proud now to be able to champion their work as a Board member."

Board Fiona Clark

Myles Clarke

Managing Director, CBRE Ireland

"I am in awe of artists and their endeavours so it’s a privilege as a board member to make connections between corporations with exciting artistic projects. The Arts is an essential ingredient in the cultural fabric of Ireland and business is increasingly keen to engage with and support the artistic community. Business to Arts is an ideal partner to achieve this."

Board Myles Clarke

Fiona D’Arcy

Group Chief Marketing Officer, Linesight

"The intersection between the business community and the arts and cultural communities is critically important to build meaningful relationships that have impact and that support each other’s goals and aspirations. Arts and culture have a powerful impact on business fostering ideation and innovation and inspiring people to have different perspectives. This is the core reason I am committed to continuing to support Business to Arts."

Board Fiona Darcy

James Hanley (retiring 2024)

Artist, RHA Member

"Business to Arts is the modern template for all of the best of the past with the balance, diversity, scope and range of modern patronage. It creates exciting new ways to match business to all the arts, growing new audiences while endorsing the good name of business, and helping artists to continue to work into the future. It is a vital and profoundly effective organisation."

Board James Hanley

Jeanne Kelly (retiring 2024)

Founding Partner, Browne Jacobson Ireland

"I believe that business, working in partnership with arts organisations, can cultivate meaningful partnerships which enhance all our lives. Such partnerships contribute to deepen understanding of how other cultures work and make workplaces healthier and happier. Business to Arts recognises this role and works tirelessly to support its transformative effects on businesses and communities. I’ve been proud and grateful to be a board member and to get to see this at close hand."

Board Jeanne Kelly

Tony Lawless

Independent Non-Executive Director

"I am delighted to work with Business to Arts at the intersection of the two worlds who can both learn from and support each other. As a former Chair of the Irish Life Art Committee, facilitated by Business to Arts, I have seen firsthand the power of bringing the arts into a business and the positive effects it can have on company culture."

Board Tony Lawless

Simone Mcleod-Nairn

CPO Group Functions, Flutter (interim)

"Investment in, and support of the arts can be instrumental in building a great company culture and adds value to the employee experience. Business to Arts demystifies this process, helping stakeholders from both sectors to collaborate and create exceptional work together."

Board Simone Macleod Nairn

Teresa McColgan (retiring 2024)

Secretary, Independent Non-Executive Director, Concern Worldwide

"I’m a strong believer in the value added by collaboration – the creation of a whole that is so much more than its individual components – and I see this at its best in the partnerships between businesses and the arts, that bring so much cultural enrichment at community, personal and corporate levels. This is the essence of what Business to Arts is about, and what it does so well, and that’s why I’m so proud to be a board member."

Board Teresa Mc Colgan

Robert McEvoy (retiring 2024)

Head of Retail Sales and Distribution, Allianz

"Irish businesses have an important role to play in making our country a better place and this includes sustaining our long traditions of cultural and artistic expression. Business to Arts continues to create enduring and valuable connections between Irish business and the arts community and I’m very proud of the work our organisation continues to carry out across Ireland."

Rob Mc Evoy website

Gerard McNaughton (retiring 2024)

Creative Director, TileStyle

"We are proud to work with Business to Arts and very much appreciate the positive impact on our business that our association has created, be it supporting and enhancing our sponsorship projects, managing our Artist's Bursary, engaging with our stakeholders for unique events, or providing opportunities for impactful relationships with other businesses. Business to Arts'  positive impact on the arts sector and how business engages with cultural organisations and individual artists has been, and continues to be, exemplary"

Ger Mc Naughton website

Etain Seymour

Europe Head of Marketing, Accenture

“Business to Arts is a vital bridge between corporate and cultural Ireland that delivers cross-pollination of ideas and innovative problem-solving techniques that make our community a better place. Supporting the arts is critical to ensuring creativity thrives and is omnipresent across communities, businesses, and people. Collaboration is so important for a better society underpinned by sustainable economic growth.”

Board Etain Seymour

Oliver Wall

Chief of Staff & Head of Corporate Affairs, Bank of Ireland

"If the economy is the lifeblood of our country, then arts and culture are its soul. I believe that Business to Arts is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of the economic and the artistic with an ability to broker partnerships second to none. This coupled with a deep and rich understanding of the links between the business and arts communities means that Business to Arts plays a pivotal role in the success of both. Personally, and on behalf of Bank of Ireland, I am very proud to be associated with this wonderful organisation."

Oliver Wall website

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