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Catalyst: Business to Arts Strategy 2023-2028
Catalyst Strategy 2023—2028 artwork

This strategic plan embodies innovation, collaboration, and sustainability as the driving forces behind our efforts to shape a vibrant and resilient arts ecosystem that benefits society as a whole.

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Our three strategic priorities are as follows:

  1. Stimulating Growth & Transformation: We will work to foster creativity in business and embed business practices in the arts to drive the ingenuity of our network.
  2. Catalysing Purposeful Partnerships: We will create the conditions for a dynamic synergy between the arts and business sectors to deliver value for society.
  3. Scaffolding our Strategy: We will underpin our external strategic priorities with critical infrastructure
    and resources.

We know that meaningful change can only be achieved through collective effort. We welcome open conversations with visionary leaders across the private and public sectors, as well as individuals passionate about the arts and culture, to help deliver upon the ambition of this strategy and to forge partnerships and collaborations that transcend boundaries.

Touch base with our Chief Executive Louise O'Reilly to explore how you can help us achieve greater impact.

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