Writing a Marketing Strategy

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"Who do we need to communicate to? Who are our stakeholders? Who are the decision makers we need to influence?"
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It’s worth stating up front. You won’t write a Marketing Strategy in one sitting. It’s an evolving process, one that takes time.

Marketing strategy is all about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and how you communicate it. So, if you are developing a new project, or a new venue, it takes time to tease out what shape things will take.

The communications piece is vitally important and full consideration should be given to how you will communicate to your stakeholders and the world around you. It’s important to consider all types of communications from the listing in the telephone book, to your existence in social media.

The most comprehensive way to think about a marketing strategy, is through a series of questions. These can include, but are no means limited to :

Who do we need to communicate to? Who are our stakeholders? Who are the decision makers we need to influence? (This is not just your customers. Its funders; potential funders; competitors; artists within your relevant artforms; government; media etc…)

What do we do? What are we selling? What results do we need to achieve? What do we need to do to fulfil and exceed expectations? What will we give our customers once we understand their preferences? What is the right price to sell our wares at?

Why will the marketplace and the media promote and sell our product? Why will people recommend our service to others?

When is it best to communicate? When can we target opinion leaders? How often do we communicate through the different channels?

How will we interact with our customers and stakeholders? How will we facilitate them responding to us? How will our potential customers find out about us, and find us? How will we stay foremost in our customer’s minds? How will we find some early adopters to create a buzz? How will we capture comments, reviews, and opinions that portray us positively?

Where in the virtual and physical world do we need to communicate our services?

There is no ideal template for a Marketing Strategy, it should reflect the personality and values of your project or organisation. If you would like Business to Arts to take a look over yours and give you some pointers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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