Coastlines, Maps and Melons with visual artist Martina Galvin

Martina Galvin with St. Patrick's GNS

Visual Artist Martina Galvin with St. Patrick's GNS as part of 'What is Drawing 2017?'

‘Coastlines, Maps and Melons’ with visual artist Martina Galvin is one of the three successful projects in this year’s Docklands Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme (2017).

Martina Galvin is a professional artist and independent practitioner in art education, who is currently working on a large-scale commission for the interior of the UCD Sutherland School of Law, sponsored by McCann FitzGerald. Her project ‘What is Drawing 2017?’ was one of the Small Grant Recipients in 2016, and was an exciting, educational, fun and explorative drawing project engaging with two schools in the Docklands area.

Her new art engagement programme ‘Coastlines, Maps and Melons’ is an extension of her previous work, and the theme and concept is firstly inspired by the ‘Coast-Lines’ exhibition at IMMA. Working with three schools in the Docklands area, Martina will do three workshops in the classroom looking at maps and the Dublin coastline, as well as looking at, and drawing, fruit – and comparing the mark-making in maps to mark-making used in drawing fruit. There will be two visits to art galleries, culminating in a workshop during National Drawing Week in May. For more information on this project and her other work, please see Martina’s website here.


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