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Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin

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Royal Hibernian
Academy in Dublin

There are other general Funds and Grant Rounds operated by Foundations and Companies that are not specifically for the arts. Below is a list of a variety of Funds.

The Community Foundation for Ireland
An independent grant-making organisation, that uses the monies from its own permanent endowment and by their donors and philanthropists to distribute grants to various causes and groups right across the country.

The Ireland Funds – The Worldwide Ireland Funds raise unrestricted funds to facilitate an annual Grant Round. Organizations are invited to apply for small grants annually.

Bank of America Art Conservation Fund – Since 20010, Bank of America  have provided grants to museums in thirty-three countries (including Ireland) for more than 170 conservation projects comprising thousands of individual pieces.

Fund it – Fund it is an Ireland-wide initiative that provides a platform for people with great ideas to attract funding from friends, fans and followers across the world. Over 1,000 Irish projects have been funded through the website since 2011.

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