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In this economic environment, business leaders are also seeking to explore new ways of approaching strategic challenges. One of our roles is to ensure that businesses are aware of exactly how creativity can help drive innovative approaches to developing new business relationships, communications programmes, brand values, customer service and leadership skills.

Here are three examples of what we do with businesses around the country:

Business Development Events at Home and Abroad
In partnership with one of our Business Members and a leading Cultural Institution, Business to Arts is achieving our mutual aim of developing a network of business contacts in New York. Through intimate and relaxed network building events, the legal firm is establishing new business relationships in this important market by aligning their brand to the highest quality arts and culture from Ireland.

New Approaches to Internal & External Communications
We work with a large consultancy firm designing a targeted annual internal communications event. With this event, staff and artists collaborate on a creative framework for the event which is indivisible from the corporate content. This event has resulted in a multiple-award-winning suite of material that features the company’s people, enhances organisational morale and has changed internal and external perceptions of the organisation.

In partnership with a team of artists we are also working with a healthcare firm to develop a new and authentic sense of brand and associated values. This project is jointly funded by HR and Marketing departments and uses staff experiences and story-telling techniques to create an internal communications activity which will evolve to become an external representation of the organisation.

Innovative Customer Service and Leadership Development Training
Collaborating with a theatre company and a team of actors,Business to Arts has developed bespoke customer service training and a leadership development programme for high-potential employees in a leading insurance firm. These programmes provide specialist solutions to the company’s key management issues. They use the experiences of personnel and management combined with theatre techniques as a way of demonstrating best practice leadership skills and problem-solving behaviour.

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