Best Ensemble Winner Rough Magic at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards in association with TileStlye

Best Ensemble Winner Rough Magic at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards in association with TileStlye.

The most important annual event in the Irish theatre calendar, The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards in association with TileStyle is the winner of the Best Mid-Size Sponsorship at the Allianz Business to Arts Awards.

“This partnership allows TileStyle to take on a large-scale sponsorship with national interest and the branding opportunities that come with it. We wanted the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards to have a permanent home. People associate theatre with enriching, warm experiences and this positive association enhances our brand and helps us to reach more people. Being able to talk about the awards narrative ties in with design, innovation and creativity, brand values which are core to our ethos.” – Gerard McNaughton, retail director, TileStyle.

“The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards in association with TileStyle celebrate the hard work and creativity of all those involved in Irish theatre, especially emerging talent across the sector. It is a leading example of a highly effective and mutually beneficial collaboration between business and the arts and acts as a catalyst for raising standards in promoting professional talent in Irish theatre. The awards continue to be on a steady financial footing due to the sponsorship and are exposed to new audiences through TileStyle’s contacts and social media activity.” – Claire Looby, Marketing Manager, Irish Times.

Collaborating with the Irish Times on the Irish Times Theatre Awards over the past two years represents TileStyle’s first arts engagement with national reach. From the outset, the company’s associate partnership has featured heavily throughout the awards process, while the awards have been allowed to grow and develop thanks to steady financial support.

Exposure for TileStyle has ranged from inclusion in all PR leading up to and after the event to co-branding on all print and digital collateral; prominent positioning of the TileStyle brand at the awards ceremony itself; all the media activity around the awards and the editorial and advertorial space given to TileStyle by the Irish Times.

According to Gerard McNaughton, retail director at TileStyle, the first year of the three-year partnership was a learning curve focused on how to go about marketing and branding for maximum impact – both for TileStyle and the awards. New award categories were also introduced.

Meeting on a regular basis, the partners went about enhancing all aspects of the association in year two. This has included the development of a microsite on, which has helped to raise the profile of the awards, and ensuring the best experience possible for nominees and TileStyle guests at the ceremony. Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan was involved for the first time at the 2019 ceremony, which was attended by 100 TileStyle clients. This allowed the TileStyle team to spend time with them in a relaxed, informal setting – something which the company has always found invaluable in building relationships.

This partnership has elevated TileStyle’s engagement with the arts, and theatre in particular. It has put the company on the radar of the theatre community generally and generated interest and enthusiasm among TileStyle staff for attending stage productions.

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