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Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland – Thoughts From Al Dalton, Marketing & Development Officer, Graffiti

Al Dalton, GraffitiAs an alumnus of Activate Youth Theatre and having worked with Graffiti as a freelance production/stage manager & facilitator, I have experienced firsthand the tangible benefits of being involved with the company. Graffiti has always been a place for both personal growth and learning for all ages. It’s a nurturing and positive environment. It’s a place where one can discover their voice, feel supported and empowered to use it. I am so thrilled to be given the opportunity to help the organisation grow and to deepen our engagement with young people who may not otherwise have access to the arts and its potential to transform their self-belief and experience of the world around them.

Graffiti has been moving from strength to strength this year, enabling over 15,000 encounters with the arts for young people across Cork. We are also the only theatre in Ireland providing multidisciplinary arts encounters to children aged 0 to 3. In previous years, we lacked a Case For Support to reflect this originality and success. However, the Fundraising Fellowship programme now provides us with the opportunity and support to grow our capacity and refine this case for support to raise the profile of the organisation As the new Fundraising Fellow for Graffiti, I hope to use my experience as a Theatre Maker and Artist to build on the work Graffiti has been doing on the Fellowship programme so far to finalise an original and provoking value proposition that can be shared with stakeholders who wish to help us grow and succeed.

On a personal level, I am looking forward to developing new skills in prospecting, grant writing, and gaining corporate sponsorship through the Fellowship programme. Cork is full of thriving organisations and a community of fundraisers that I am eager to share knowledge, advice and pitfalls with. I am also looking forward to engaging with Cork Chamber further, to building connections with potential investors who share our values of creativity, inclusivity, and the power of imagination. To have the support of Business to Arts and the opportunity to engage with mentors, and keynote speakers, as well as to work alongside Sing Ireland as they complete the Fellowship programme will be invaluable to the learning I will bring to Graffiti.

As Graffiti approaches its 40th anniversary in 2024, I am looking forward to planning and running a milestone fundraising campaign to celebrate the history of Graffiti as a beacon of the arts community in Cork, as well as sharing our exciting ambitions for the future with current and potential supporters. I am eager to curate exciting and creative events, to manage impact-driven social media campaigns and to attract further public, corporate and philanthropic partners for years to come. If you’d like to find out more about Graffiti’s programmes and activities, please get in touch.

Al Dalton

Marketing & Development Officer | Graffiti

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