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Fundraising Fellowship Ireland – Year 1 Thoughts from John Mc Evoy, Development & Marketing, Druid, Galway

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I am now almost 12 months into the two-year Fundraising Fellowship Ireland programme. In that time Druid’s fundraising and development activities have developed a more focussed and nuanced approach to everything from prospecting, qualifying and cultivating potential supporters to the stewardship of and communication with, existing Corporate Supporters and Druid Friends.

The Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland programme has been instrumental in helping me develop a more strategic approach to all of Druid’s development activities in both Ireland and abroad. The regular seminars provide a great grounding and understanding of the more important aspects of fundraising. During the next stage, ongoing engagement with experienced mentors will greatly assist in putting everything into practice.

Over the course of the past 12 months, Druid’s focus has been primarily to:

  • Implement processes and procedures to streamline a rigorous approach to all fundraising undertakings from CRM systems to marketing materials and on-line engagement
  • Foster an appreciation of the value and importance of development for future sustainability at all levels throughout the organisation; introduce a range of support and sponsorship opportunities for both individual and corporate supporters with deliverable impact outcomes and tangible benefits at all levels
  • Initiate long term support opportunities for specific projects identified as key to helping Druid achieve its long term ambitions as we build towards our 50th anniversary in 2025

Although there is still much to do in this regard much has been achieved. Druid’s development income in Ireland increased more than 3-fold from 2017 to 2018. Over the past 12-15 months Druid has greatly increased its engagement with businesses and corporates not just in Galway, but throughout Ireland. In that time, we have welcomed on board almost 30 new business and corporate supporters who support Druid as Corporate members at levels from €1,000 to €10,000.

The next step is to engage with corporates who are interested in 3-5 years partnerships in key areas of activity such as New Writing, Irish and International Touring and the Druid Ensemble. We are also further developing the Druid Friends programme as well as initiatives for Transformational Partners interested in supporting at a more sustained and involved level. As part of our international touring we have also significantly developed our International Friends of Druid programme with a renewed focus on international fundraising – specifically in the US.

Druid is now resolutely on the path to developing meaningful partnerships with individuals, businesses and corporates interested in supporting our long-term ambitions. As a multi award-winning national and international theatre touring company, supporting Druid enables us to: continue to develop ambitious, memorable and original theatre; bring first-class professional theatre to communities throughout Ireland; tour the best Irish theatre and theatre artists to prestigious international venues and festivals; nurture the next generation of Irish theatre talent and showcase their work to larger and more diverse audiences at home and abroad; act as a cultural ambassador for Ireland, bringing Ireland’s rich theatrical heritage to new generations and new audiences.

Come on board and be part of this success and ambition. For more information on how your business or corporate can benefit from partnering with one of Ireland’s leading cultural brands please contact me on | 087 7019627 or check out the various corporate support opportunities on our website.

Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland is a partnership between Business to Arts and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. 

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