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Our latest New Stream (Year 6, 2014-2015) Review is now available to download. New Stream is a programme run by Business to Arts in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Accenture & DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. Now in its 7th year, the role of New Stream is to build the capacity of the arts sector in Ireland. This role includes developing the capacity of commercial & industrial organisations, individuals, trusts/foundations & central & local government to see the benefits of investing in & funding the arts, in addition to enabling arts organisations to develop sustainable new revenue streams.

Feedback from New Stream participants identifies that:

• A lack of time and human resources to develop and implement new strategic and fundraising plans remains a continuing barrier for the cultural sector.

• The arts sector faces long-term challenges attracting and retaining fundraising talent in a rising economy.

• The competition for professional fundraisers among the non-profit sector as a whole is significant.

• The impact of prolonged gap periods between the appointment of fundraising talent on fundraising performance can be considerable.

• The general appeal of professional fundraising in the arts sector is questionable. The salaries offered; the duration of contracts offered; the fundraising targets expected; and the insecurity of positions in the arts all present threats to future fundraising performance.

• The cyclical nature of fundraising performance in the arts sector will be maintained unless organisations can work to improve salaries and working conditions offered to fundraising talent.

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