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Recommendations from New Stream Year 7

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Here are the key recommendations from New Stream Review Year 7:

DeVos Ireland Programme

  • Continue to create additional Case Studies of long-term work with New Stream participants. This will assist other arts organisations to situate fundraising in their own context.
  • Advocate for enhanced institutional and programmatic marketing strategies to ensure continued expansion of organisations audience, supporting the growth of both earned and contributed revenue.
  • Emphasise the importance of connecting board members with a specific, mission-driven project that reflect their interests and priorities.
  • Advocate for the implementation of succession plans in organisations around key roles, particularly in the areas of marketing and fundraising.

Read our latest case studies here: Royal Irish Academy of Music, Irish Architecture Foundation, IMMA

Brown Bag Briefing Sessions

  • Continue to develop ‘Introduction to Sponsorship’ seminars throughout the year.
  • Introduce ‘Advanced Sponsorship’ sessions, which are tailored to move participants form Beginner to Intermediate/Skills.
  • Encourage those attending to research, prepare, utilise and contribute to the online knowledge centre prior to attending seminars and compiling sponsorship proposals.

Development Managers’ Forum

  • The overall feedback from the Chair of the group acknowledges the group’s knowledge and position in the sector. As a means of developing its position, the DMF should expand to develop further thought-leadership and a public voice on sectorial issues and National Cultural Policy.
  • Take a more active group role to educate internal and external stakeholders and decision makers to ensure the need to support the arts in society.

Knowledge Centre

  • As 71% of respondents have read articles on the Knowledge Centre, invest time and resources promoting the Knowledge Centre to widest audience. Identify ways to measure ongoing engagement with the Knowledge Centre.

The Broader Business to Arts & New Stream Agenda

  • With the introduction of the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme, in partnership with Dublin City Council’s Dublin’s Culture Connects, Business to Arts should create a suite of fundraising materials and toolkits.
  • Provide continued support in generating a shift towards active fundraising and diversification of funding in all participating organisations.
  • Convene an arts fundraising, philanthropy/ sponsorship seminar to address the findings and implications of the De Vos Ireland programme.
  • Engage the new fundraising teams in previous DeVos participating organisations. Advocate for them to work with colleagues who have implemented The Cycle.

To read the full evaluation click here

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