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Thoughts on commencement of the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme by Helene Hugel, CEO and Artistic Director of Helium

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Helium Arts is the national children’s arts and health organisation and we believe creativity changes lives.  We are working to ensure that all the 160,000 children living with long-term illness in Ireland can ignite their creative powers in order to live life to the full.

Helium Arts are at a crucial juncture. We are emerging from a ‘start-up’ phase into a growth phase where we aim to increase organisational capacity over the next five years.  Being accepted onto the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme is incredibly timely and means that we can realise this ambition in a sustainable manner.

Recently, Helium Arts launched a new 5-year strategy (2017-2021) which aims to consolidate our assets and create a solid infrastructure through a period of sustainable growth.  Helium Arts comprises of a committed, connected management team and a talented, ambitious artistic team.   Our aim is to rollout our three model projects, which creatively support both teens living with illness and toddlers with life-limiting illness in order to create positivity in the lives of 500 children across Ireland, doubling our reach. In the first year of our strategy, two out of the three projects have expanded outside of Dublin to Galway, Cork, Sligo and Tipperary benefitting over 50 more children in the first half of the year. Helium Arts has experienced a slow growth in income over the past few years, which was maintained in 2016.

Through the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin we will aim to continue to grow our impact in a strategic way supported for the first time by a dedicated Fundraising Officer, Anna McCarthy. Anna will add huge value to the organisation by developing the necessary fundraising infrastructure required for Helium Arts’ long-term sustainability, while generating a new and diverse income base.  The Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin provides much needed training and mentorship support over the two years which will infiltrate throughout the organisation transforming the organisation’s cultural thinking about fundraising and increasing our capacity strategic planning.

Helene Hugel
CEO & Artistic Director
Helium Arts

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