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Thoughts On Commencement Of The Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland Programme By Dermot O’Callaghan, CEO, Sing Ireland

CMC98454-64 (2)As CEO Of Sing Ireland, I have seen the organisation develop and grow in its remit to create opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with group singing in Ireland. The organisation rebranded to Sing Ireland in 2019, after 38 years as the Association of Irish Choirs, to allow it to further strengthen its role in supporting the diverse sector of choirs and singing groups in Ireland. Our mission is to lead, enable, and connect communities of singers in Ireland and to enhance life through singing. Our current strategy sees the organisation poised for significant growth and impact over the coming years. We know the transformative power that singing can have and our vision for the future will see Sing Ireland embed itself as a central cultural player that advocates for and demonstrates the many benefits of group singing.

Sing Ireland represents the 229,000 people who regularly sing in groups in Ireland, from amateur youth choirs and singing groups in care homes to professional choirs and singing groups covering a wide range of musical genres and styles. Furthermore, our vision is of a nation that is fully immersed in quality group singing experiences and makes the case that all people can and should sing. It is a life affirming and joyous activity that brings well-being benefits and social connections to all that participate. As an organisation, we want to create high quality experiences for people of all ages throughout the country.

Sing Ireland is delighted to be one of the two organisations chosen for the Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland programme. We are grateful to the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media for this opportunity and our team are looking forward to the many benefits that working with Business to Arts will bring. The ethos of the Fundraising Fellowship programme that sees a whole-of-organisation approach to growth and change is one that resonates strongly with Sing Ireland’s current strategy and our vision for the organisation. I am excited to see the impact it will make on our development over the coming years.

Sing Ireland is excited to have appointed Cecelia Molumby as the Fundraising Fellow. As Development Officer, we are confident that Cecelia’s skills and experience will add greatly to Sing Ireland’s ambitious plans for growth. Alongside her expertise in marketing and communications she has a flare for fundraising and development, and we know that her particular affinity for group singing, as an alumni of Irish Youth Choir, will be an asset. We warmly welcome Cecelia to the organisation and look forward to working with her over the coming years.

Group singing can affect enormous positive change in society and we are at a crucial point in further demonstrating that impact and developing the role of Sing Ireland in the social and cultural landscape of Ireland. We know that through hard work and active engagement with our growth plans and the Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland programme we can realise exciting plans for the advancement of both the group singing sector and Sing Ireland.

Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland is a partnership between Business to Arts’ New Stream programme and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media


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