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Thoughts On Commencement Of The Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland Programme By Garry Hynes, Artistic Director, Druid

Garry Hynes 425

Druid is delighted to have been selected for the Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland programme. We’re looking forward to learning from and meeting the challenges that lie ahead. The outcomes of this fantastic initiative will undoubtedly lead to further growth for us as a company.

When Marie Mullen, Mick Lally and myself set up Druid in 1975, there were few resources with which to build a theatre company in the west of Ireland. However, the support of the Galway community was instrumental in helping us make our bold idea a reality. In 1979 we negotiated a lease for a peppercorn rent on an old tea storehouse and this enabled the company to have its own venue. The building was owned by the McDonagh’s, one of Galway’s famous merchant families, who later generously donated the building to Druid. What is now called The Mick Lally Theatre, after our late founder, has become a landmark cultural facility in the centre of Galway city.

Druid as a company understands and greatly values the support it received and continues to receive from the Galway community and many of our friends and supporters around Ireland and abroad.

As a company we also understand that in order to continue growing and to continue making some of the most exciting theatre in Ireland we need to build on-going strategic partnerships with business and individuals. We see the Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland programme as a keystone, helping us to build our existing support base and develop new relationships. We passionately believe audiences should have access to first class professional theatre in their own communities. We tour extensively in Ireland and around the world and to continue this mission we want to forge new partnerships with individuals, businesses and corporates, not just in our Galway base, but also throughout Ireland and with multinationals based here.

2018 is the busiest year in our 43 year history and we have many exciting and ambitious plans for the future. We strive for excellence in everything we do and while our energy, ideas and ambitions are endless, our resources are not.

Over the next two years, we will be working very closely with Business to Arts and the New Stream programme to achieve our aims of: developing our capacity for fundraising; diversifying our income stream as we build long term sustainability; enhancing and building upon our existing supporter base through improving on-going relationships; building strategies and developing skills to grow a stronger, more agile organisation; and building philanthropic connections that will make a significant difference to our work.

Our Fundraising fellow, John McEvoy is enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of contributing to the future growth of Druid in a positive, concrete manner. All of us at Druid, staff, creatives teams and members of the board, are supportive of his participation in the Fundraising Fellowship programme and are looking forward to working closely with John to achieve our goals.

Thank you to Business to Arts and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for this exciting and timely opportunity.

Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland is a partnership between Business to Arts’ New Stream programme and the Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht





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