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Your Sponsorship Offering – Introductory Seminar

New Stream - Introductory Sponsorship Seminars

New Stream – Introductory Sponsorship Seminars

This two-hour session is aimed at organisations and projects new to seeking sponsorship. The event aims to help you develop your organisation’s sponsorship case.

Note: This is a sponsorship-focused seminar and WILL NOT cover other forms of fundraising.

You will leave knowing:
• What sponsorship is and what it isn’t.
• How to audit the sponsorship opportunities at your organisation.
• Why sponsorship research is important for understanding a sponsor’s needs, having an audience and values match, identifying shared objectives, and ruling sponsorship out and considering possible CSR/Corporate Citizenship/Commissioning links.

Our top tips for:
• Developing your network in business.
• Writing your sponsorship proposal.
• Making the initial approach.
• Fine tuning your proposal.
• Negotiating the best deal possible.

Seminars are held twice a month, please contact us for the next seminar date.
Free for Business to Arts Affiliates – Limited to 8 places per seminar.

Did you know: The last two years of the Allianz Business to Arts Awards have seen a substantial increase in the number of arts sponsorship relationships in Ireland.

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