Knowledge Centre Who is it for?

The New Stream Knowledge Centre is a resource for anyone responsible for managing and developing new streams of income for arts organisations in Ireland.

We have advised and supported all levels of executive, board members and other volunteers in their efforts to generate income for arts organisations.  Over 400 individuals have engaged with different aspects of New Stream since 2009. These participants have successfully raised over €5.4 million of new income which they attribute to the skills and training they have received via New Stream.

A key learning from New Stream has been that developing and implementing fundraising strategies are more successful when multiple representatives from an organisation are involved rather than an individual working in isolation. If you are reading and learning from this Knowledge Centre, we urge you to share it with others in your organisation.

To help implement theory into practice, regular ‘investment clinics’ are available (on request) to all Business to Arts arts affiliates and can be held in Dublin and at other locations across Ireland. Clinics aim to create a defined set of actions for those involved and follow-ups are provided to ensure continuity of support.



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