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Many Irish arts organisations have merchandise for sale, the profit from which supports their wider activities. Common arts merchandise include books, brochures, stationary, clothing & accessories, periodicals, artist editions, cds and dvds.

Once upon a time the museum/ gallery shop or the kiosk outside the performance venue was the only place to sell your merchandise. While this is still common practice, technology and the reducing cost of marketing and distribution are enabling the development of a new range of platforms which sell merchandise directly to the ‘culture’ consumer.

Online shops, developed by Irish arts organisations include those of Abbey Theatre, Druid Theatre Company, the National Gallery of Ireland and Irish Museum of Modern Art.

In addition, many individual artists sell direct to consumers through their own websites or use aggregator websites to sell. The benefits of aggregators (particularly for artists and organisations that do not have a web presence) are usually the ecommerce experience, targeted marketing and promotion activities that an aggregating website can provide. Examples of aggregators used by Irish creatives include The Design Basket, Rise Creatives and Culture Label.

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