Objectives – The Development Managers’ Forum

We believe there is an opportunity, and an imperative, to develop our role as advocates for, influencers of, and thought leaders among the arts sector in Ireland.

We will achieve this by:

  • becoming more visible in our activity
  • identifying and engaging with key influencers, particularly in the corporate world
  • working to build awareness of investment opportunities in the arts sector among potential donors / sponsors / investors.
  • remaining up-to-date and potentially responding to Forum on Philanthropy & Fundraising and other initiatives to promote giving and enhance fundraising

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, a number of guest speakers have been invited to address the Group in 2014, these include:

Areas of Improvements / The Future

Following a review of the objectives of group in 2013, these include:

  • Address the fact that development is often seen as a dirty word within the sector
  • Advocate for an ‘organisational/organisation-wide’ approach to development
  • Be more vocal by expressing our opinions about critical sectoral issues
  • Broaden group to include more development managers working in the arts.  Including those recently appointed through RAISE program
  • Educate internal and external stakeholders and other decision-makers about the need to support the arts eg. ministerial advisors
  • Set topics of monthly meetings in advance and have a clear agenda for meetings.
  • Delegate certain topics/areas among sub-groups to organise

2013 Achievements

  • Increasing membership of the Forum
  • Developing the group as collaborative unit benefiting practically from the sharing of knowledge, information and peer learning
  • Enhancing our collaborative role as advocates for the arts sector as an attractive investment vehicle for the private sector
  • Submissions to the Arts Council in relation to the RAISE program
  • Hosting information sessions on British Chamber of Commerce, The Good Form, The 1% Difference Campaign
  • Establishing understanding/sharing insights into:
    • Alcohol Sponsorship debate
    • Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising
    • The Arts Council’s RAISE program
    • New Stream DeVos Ireland Programme

2012 Achievements

  • Developing the group as a collaborative unit benefitting practically from the sharing of knowledge, information and peer learning.
  • Enhancing our collaborative role as advocates for the arts sector as an attractive investment vehicle for the private sector.
  • Establishing understanding/sharing insights into:  The Gathering & IPB Gathering Fund; The Arts Council’s RAISE programme; New StreamDeVos Ireland Programme; National Campaign for the Arts; Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising; International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts Spring Plenary (IETM).
  • Submissions to Government in relation to changes to Section 848a and making sure “the arts voice is heard”.
  • Positive engagement in counseling, affirmation and motivation with arts practitioners who understand their own and the broad challenges of the group.

2011 Achievements

  • Significant input into the Minister Jimmy Deenihan’s Working Group on Private Investment in the Arts via Gemma Duke – Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, Eamonn Carroll – Wexford Festival Opera, and Stuart McLaughlin – Business to Arts
  • Keeping other representative bodies briefed, e.g. Theatre Forum and Arts Audiences – including a presentation on the group at the December 2011 Theatre Forum Members’ meeting
  • Engaging with RTÉ to clarify their RTE Supporting the Arts initiative
  • Sharing insights:
    • into Failte Ireland Festivals Funding – understanding current funding guidelines / rationale; sharing understanding
    • briefing on possible changes to alcohol sponsorship
  • Engaging with Arts Audiences on how TGI (Target Group Index) information could be used as a resource for sponsorship seekers –working to agree a core report in recognition of the fact that there is only one person working part-time in this area at Arts Audiences.

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