Arts Fund for Ireland

'Dublin Ships' by Cliona Harmey commissioned by Dublin City Council, supported by Dublin Port Company

'Dublin Ships' by Cliona Harmey commissioned by Dublin City Council with the support of Dublin Port Company

Why is an Arts Fund for Ireland needed?

The need to establish new sources of funding for arts and culture in Ireland is critical as a result of constrained public sector subsidy and the fact that there are no private grant-making foundations in Ireland specifically supporting arts and culture on an annual basis.

Business to Arts are developing a series of funds which aim to fund identified areas of need and enhance and grow the practice and appreciation of quality arts experiences. The concept of donor-advised funds (e.g. by art form, for arts education, bursaries or community arts) is that they allow donors to set up and maintain an ongoing fund specific to their area of interest which will allow for short-term or long-term supply of funding support to projects.

To date, our Arts Funds have been used to fund a variety of multi-annual projects including:

Business to Arts’ AR Programme (Arts Education / Community-based Arts)

Accenture’s Women on Walls Campaign (Portraiture)

Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Art(All-island Arts Projects)

Dublin Port Company’s ‘Port Perspectives – Community Arts Programme’ (Community Arts)

The Docklands Arts Fund (Community-based Arts)

With investment from businesses, organisations, individuals and employees we are developing a model for a permanent, efficient and accountable grant-making facility which will provide a source of financial support to benefit the arts and cultural sector and the public for generations to come.

To do this we need your support to get more Arts Funds started. If you are interested in finding out how your involvement and financial support will impact the arts sector, please contact us:

Emily Carson or Sarah Murphy Abbamonte

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