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What is an Arts Affiliate?

Are you:
Getting the best out of your staff?
Trying to maximise your budgets?
Developing sponsorship opportunities?
Optimising your time effectively?
Looking to add more strings to your bow?

Our Arts Affiliates come from all areas of the arts ranging from individual artists to festivals, community arts organisations to galleries and museums. Through our Affiliates programme organisations of all sizes can avail of a variety of arts focussed development programmes.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Business to Arts works in a cooperative way with our Affiliates. We regularly meet and advise our business members on their sponsorship programmes and suggest the arts opportunities that would best fulfil their marketing and promotional needs.

Information on quarterly sponsorship sessions here

Mentoring – Guidance through Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience.

Business to Arts is here to help and provide expert advice to our Affiliates. A session can be booked with our experienced staff members who can offer advice in a diverse number of areas such as marketing, PR, sponsorship-seeking, and development.

Annually we dedicate more than 2,000 man hours to meeting and advising people from the arts and cultural sector and managing the Business to Arts training programme. We recommend joining Business to Arts as an Arts Affiliate if you or your organisation will benefit from our key service provisions.

Why become an Arts Affiliate

Representation as part of an advocacy group for the importance of the Arts in Ireland

Part of a network visible to businesses seeking to engage with the arts

Access to quarterly Sponsorship Skills development sessions

Up to 70% discounts on a broad range of Irish Times Training courses

Up to 3 one-to-one mentorship meetings with Business to Arts per year to discuss individual sponsorship / fundraising / development needs

Sponsorship Sessions or one-to-one meetings in both Cork and Galway once a year

Free digital copies of our publications as they are produced

Invitation to, or discounts for, networking events as they arise – minimum two large events per annum

Access to New Stream Capacity Building learnings

Access to Development Managers Forum for full-time professional fundraisers

Regular updates and opportunities via our e-news

For organisation subscriptions over €100: One invitation for the CEO/Director to the Allianz Business to Arts Awards ceremony

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